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    Product summary

    A slipper for indoor use, the velcro tongue design allows the foot to be placed in gently and easily, protects the heel, sole and sides of the foot, designed for pressure relief. (more)

  • Product details

  • For persons at risk of ulceration to the heel, ankle and toe region. Short Slipper Boots offer both prevention and solution for feet at risk of developing a pressure ulcer or feet with an existing injury or condition. Designed for use primarily in bed, wheelchair use, recliner chair use and can be used for short distance walking indoors.

    Short Slipper Boots open completely down the foot so are easy to apply even when the foot is very oedematous and/or multi-layer compression bandaging is being applied.

    Size: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

    Product Code: 5736

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