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  • Etac Swift Mobile Tilt Shower Commode


    Product summary

    The Etac Swift Mobile Tilt has a unique adjustment bar for the tilt in space function. (more)

  • Product details

  • The bar makes it possible to tilt the chair standing behind, as well as, on the sides of the chair. Tilting from the side gives the best condition for an ergonomically correct work position and enables the carer to maintain communication and eye contact with the user. The gas pistons have an unique placement which facilitatebringing the seat into an upright position. This reduces the risk of injury to carers.

    The seat unit can be tilted from 0 to –35°. A tiltbetween +5 to –30° can also be obtained with asimple adjustment. The height adjustment is easily done without tools and facilitates easier and safer transfers.

    key features

    tilt in space function

    facilitates transfers

    adjustable seat height

    soft, adjustable, non-stick, quick drying nylon back support

    back support easily detachable for cleaning or storage

    swing away arm and foot supports

    curved foot supports with side heel protection

    large range of available accessories

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